Or not…

Laura Hamilton


Laura Hamilton is an Edinburgh based writer. You can find her work at www.lauraannhamilton.com or on Twitter.



Wifey for Lifey


You’ll be a good wifey

One day,

He says,

As I hand him his tea.


A wifey, dad?

That was clearly

The point

of my private education

and the pursuit of my career

so as I could be

A wifey.


It is too late for wifeying

Now I am afraid

I am in the habit of creation

And like drinking too much

And coffee, I’m no giving up

This bad habit.


I will not be

No wifey

No Mrs

No trophy

Not for no one.


I will engage in a marriage of minds, mind you.

Of equality.

For my earthly companion

Shall desire more

Than a wifey.

I will not shed my name like a snake

And take yours

Casting off the shackles of maidenhood.



They won’t say aye

That’s whatshisname’s wifey

I shall be known as

Fuck, that’s Laura.