Month: March 2016

A 21st century witch trial.

The Trial

A modern day witch-hunt

Western society’s belief in witches may have come and gone, but what would a witch-hunt look like today? In this comic, Maria Stoian has created a chilling and compelling interpretation of a 21st century witch trial. Continue reading
Rebecca West by Madame Yévonde

Rebecca West

A dangerously honest and unconventional writer

In the first of a series of posts from Scottish PEN (a centre of PEN International, the worldwide association of writers promoting literature and freedom of expression), Faith Pullin explores the life and writing of Rebecca West. Continue reading
Nicola Sturgeon on dangerous women: 'we can change the world and our place in it'.

When we are ‘dangerous’ we can change the world

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon explains what being labelled a ‘dangerous woman’ means for her

The Dangerous Women Project was inspired in part by powerful women being labelled–often by mainstream media outlets–as threats or as outright dangerous. Here, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reflects on being given the title ‘dangerous woman’, and what women who challenge the status quo can achieve. Continue reading