A special community post

We asked the good people of the internet for their own dangerous new year’s resolutions to kick off 2017 with inspiration and guts. Here is a selection – many thanks to everybody who contributed!

Do magic. Stop apologising. Get on top of my medical stuff. Remember my needs count/count my spoons better. Dance more. Be kind to my body and the bodies of others. See my friends more. Take my meds. Walk outside. Tell everyone how much I love them. Stop overcommitting, but also finish PHD, novel, comics ETX. (by Alice via Facebook)

I try this every year – stop buying into everybody else’s idea of what I should be and just listen to myself. To say “Thanks for…” instead of “Sorry about…” when it’s not something I really need to apologize for. To finally get “crazy” out of my vocabulary. (by Sarah Gundle)

I’m fucked if I’m going to try and reign in my personality so not to annoy others. Also: I’m fed up allowing people who bullied me to stay in my life. No more. (by @TheGreedyGirl)

Stop starting sentences with ‘sorry, um…’, ask if there’s a fee, say ‘no’ if I want to say ‘no’, treat my own needs as equal to other people’s needs (by @gwynn255)

Stop being so nice. (by Meg via Facebook)

Embrace life as a writer and dangerous woman as fully as possible. (by @silcoateschapel)

More writing, more reading, more fun, more action, more positivity, more talking about/working on art & history’s Dangerous Women (by @SabinaStent)

This year I’m going to strive to find myself again. I will achieve what I want to achieve! (by @TraceyJustRocks)

Planning my Great American Adventure. (by @robertaStellon)

More freedom, creativity, collaboration, deathstuff (death cafes, conferences, before I die) less silliness/distraction (by @stritchj)

Be louder in challenging inequality, work on work/life balance (individually and collectively), run faster. (by @merylkenny)

Put more focus on the good things that happen every day, keep in mind that I don’t always have to come up with THE definite solution at the first try, and become more comfortable with “wingin’ it” instead of stressing about things all the time. (by Julia Geier)

Stop blaming myself for the toxicity of other people. Cut out feeling obligated to unconditionally love those toxic ones who dinnae fash about owt but themselves; sometimes it’s better all round not to prop up the badness and to retreat to a safer distance. And being told otherwise is often gendered bullshit.

Stop panicking about whether people will respond badly to my work and just get it the blimmin’ heck oot there. Love the learning that comes from failing sometimes.

Stop pretending I don’t know stuff when I do know stuff cos I’ve actually got quite a lot of, like, er…. not that I’m *bragging* or anything! I wouldn’t want you to think I was, er, like, getting above myself, but sometimes, like, I kind of accidentally hide that I totally have a degree and two awards for my research and philosophy in, like, some of the political things that we’re all discussing now and, er, sometimes it feels easier (if frustrating) to, er, let folks just assume I’m, like, a ditz cos they seem really frightened of women with opinions which is why they are so keen that I, we, shut the hell up.

Cut out all of the chat in that last paragraph.

Love more

Socialise more

Be kinder to myself

Drink less

Bath bombs (weekly)


(by Jenny Lindsey)

Write a novel, drive the North 500 by myself, keeping building Interrobang, keep up and get awesome at kickboxing, bench my own weight/squat -maybe- double my weight… And stop biting my nails. Because I’m an adult… (by Beth Cochrane)

I want to learn how to fix a leaky tap and to service my bike properly. (by Alaina via Facebook)

Lean into the mess. (by Johanna Holtan)

No more resolutions. Does that count? I frequently get to the end of the year and feel disappointed I haven’t achieved stuff, so I guess… Down with resolutions, wing it. (by Heather McDaid)

Take more ownership of, and responsibility for, my health. Be more holistic and less catastrophic in my thinking. Give more and take less. Be bigger in the world. Also, get a studio and do art. Maybe wood carving. Floss my teeth. Drink less. (by Claudia via Facebook)

Never feel pressured to get into an argument on a platform you’re uncomfortable with. Build your own, better platforms. Conduct the argument the way that you want. Ask for a fee and don’t feel bad about asking. Check out every bill or board or workplace that you go into for equal gender representation and fair diversity and ask about it if it’s not right. Remember that trolls operate as if it’s a game, and you can walk away from the game, and that’s not the same as ‘losing’ the argument. Flirt more and enjoy it without guilt. In fact, stop feeling guilt. Be brave, be bold, be resilient (that last came from Lucy Ellinson, I think). Be kind. Listen more and ask people questions about themselves. Be fucking glorious. Go on. I love you.

Happy New Year! (by Rachel McCrum)