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Caroline Norton

Caroline Norton

The woman who fought for – and won – rights for married women in England

Francine Ryan demonstrates how Caroline Norton, a Victorian-era woman who ‘never pretended to the wild and ridiculous doctrine of equality’ campaigned for married women’s rights to child custody and property. Continue reading
Partizanke - female partisan fighters


Their dangerous legacy in the post-Yugoslav space

The contribution of ‘partizanke’, or female partisan fighters, to the Yugoslav liberation war was unprecedented in occupied Europe. Here, Chiara Bonfiglioli explores the agency of these women and the reverberations of their actions to the present day. Continue reading

The case of Madeleine Smith

‘Lucretia Borgia or only a boarding school miss’?

Madeleine Smith’s trial for the murder of her lover, Emile L’Angelier, in 1857, combined those twin Victorian obsessions, sex and death, in a way that not only led to questions about womanhood in general, but about the whole fabric of society. Continue reading
Marital status and identity - time to decouple them??

Challenging marital status

Is it a dangerous idea? Undermining tradition? Threatening romantic love?

Joni Meenagh researches young people’s negotiation of their romantic and sexual relationships in the context of new media environments. Here, she challenges the notion of marital status as society’s most privileged category of interpersonal relationships. Continue reading