Today we are proud to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for the next stage of the Dangerous Women Project: a book titled Dangerous Women: fifty reflections on women, power and identity.

Over the past year, we have chosen 50 of our favourite pieces, and brought them together into a manuscript, launching today with publishers at Unbound. We present biographies, cartoons, poems, short stories, essays and more, by some of the most exciting female voices from around the world. We have welcomed poets, playwrights, academics, journalists, historians, artists, performers and opinion-formers, and indeed anyone with an angle on the theme, to reflect on the danger of females.

We need your help to make Dangerous Women a reality. The book will be entirely funded by pledges, for which we are relying on the friends and family of IASH. With your pledges, this vital and fascinating collection will exist. The fifty selections have been fully revised and updated, and details of almost 350 more pieces from the project are included in the book.

Please find the link to the book here:

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Please do get in contact if you want any more information.