Month: April 2016

Bletchley Girls

An Unlikely Asset

Insight into one of ‘The Bletchley Girls’

In our second post for Edinburgh Spy Week, Tessa Dunlop shares the time she spent with Rozanne Colchester, one of the many women who worked as codebreakers at Bletchley Park during World War II. Continue reading
Holloway Prison, London, c.1896.

‘Slopping Out’

What if Holloway Prison could reflect on its closure?

If these walls could talk? Eithne Cullen imagines what Holloway Prison would have to say about the announcement of its closure in 2015, after more than a century of housing some of the UK’s most notable female prisoners. Continue reading
Partizanke - female partisan fighters


Their dangerous legacy in the post-Yugoslav space

The contribution of ‘partizanke’, or female partisan fighters, to the Yugoslav liberation war was unprecedented in occupied Europe. Here, Chiara Bonfiglioli explores the agency of these women and the reverberations of their actions to the present day. Continue reading